Internship Opportunity

HorseAbility is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving individuals who are physically, emotionally or developmentally challenged through the use of a variety of equine activities. HorseAbility located in Old Westbury, New York is also committed to providing education and training for individuals interested in working in the field of therapy. Due to our professionalism and diversity of our staff and services, we are able to meet the needs of students with a wide range of interests seeking college credit/requirement for internship.

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Below is a list of general outlined opportunities offered for HorseAbility Interns. Internships are personalized to meet the specific needs/requirements of each individual. Availability is dependent on staff resources and scheduling.

  • Child/Adolescent Development

    Interns will assist in HorseAbility inclusive programs working with staff to coordinate and manage mounted and unmounted activities as well as provide volunteer support. Curriculum will be age/cognitively appropriate and geared toward specific individual and group goals.
  • Education

    Working closely with HorseAbility staff, interns will create new and update past unmounted curriculum for HorseAbility programs include: special programs, integrated summer programs, volunteer educational opportunities, and distance learning. Interns will organize and update educational resources for participants, volunteers and training/education.
  • Equine and Farm Management

    Opportunities to learn hands-on skills relating to equine management including daily care, health care and first aid, feeding practices and handling. Also learn farm management techniques including manure handling and effective pasture utilization. Interns may have the opportunity to learn firsthand about the process HorseAbility follows to select members of our herd of therapy horses.
  • Volunteer Management

    Interns will explore a wide range of management techniques in a dynamic human resources environment. Interns may have projects in the areas of recruitment, volunteer training and education, statistical analysis, research, and communication.
  • Therapeutic Riding Instruction

    Interns will gain valuable perspective on the role of the therapeutic riding instructor through observation and mentorship. Learn how to write individual and group goals, evaluate participant progress, and create lesson plans. Understand the whys behind risk management procedures, PATH Intl standards, and precautions and contraindications
  • Office Management and Non-Profit Business Administration

    Interns will experience the broad needs of office management in a busy non-profit environment by providing administrative support in contact maintenance, database management, library and sales inventories, special events, program operations and inquiry support across multiple departments, as well as more general tasks, such as managing busy telephone coverage while assisting participants and guest.
  • Public Relations and Marketing

    Interns will have opportunities for creative marketing and communication skill development. Interns will enhance existing social media, advertising, promotion and public relations through publications, website design, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In addition, interns will have the opportunity to photograph (still and video) horses, participants and volunteers in a variety of capacities edit and or produce for educational/informational videos and, social stories for PR and marketing purposes.
  • Questions?

    HorseAbility is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing equine assisted activities and therapies to children and adults with disabilities. Gain experience and learn from our dynamic staff through an exciting internship in a pastoral setting. For information, please contact Alicia Levy at